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Trigeneration and Cogeneration (CHP)

Trigeneration is the generation of heating, power and cooling in a single scheme. A combined heat and power (CHP) system can be extended to incorporate cooling via an absorption chiller, with the heat from the CHP engine driving the cooling process. Tri-generation can offer significant reductions in both energy expenditure and carbon emissions due to its overall efficiency and the displacement of expensive and carbon-intensive grid electricity with a natural gas-based system.

Tri-generation is best suited to sites with a simultaneous year-round demand for heating, cooling and power, such as large office buildings with IT suites and server rooms, universities, hospitals and certain types of industrial premises. Economic viability improves significantly where both the heating and cooling base loads are above about 150kW.

As consultants to BT we have assessed BT sites for suitability to trigeneration, cogeneration (CHP) . Trigeneration is particularly suited to data centres and areas with an all year round cooling load.

ESP can offer trigeneration, cogenetraion and CHP advice, design or tender packages as well as a full turnkey solution from feasibility and design through to installation and commissioning. As independent consultants and installers we are not aligned to any one manufacturer, and can therefore specify the equipment that is best suited to each application.

For details of a recent trigeneration project undertaken on behalf of Newcastle City Council, click here.

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