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Swimming Pools and Leisure Centers

Swimming pool halls consume more energy per unit area than almost any other building type, typically using around five times as much energy per square metre as offices. There is therefore significant potential for financial and carbon savings through implementation of effective control strategies, energy efficiency technologies and low carbon heating and power plant.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is ideally suited to swimming pool applications, as there is a constant demand for both heating and electricity that exists all year round. CHP will reduce electricity bills by lowering the high demand for expensive grid electricity that is associated with swimming pool pumps and fans, and will simultaneously produce heat for water and space heating.

Leisure centers without swimming pools will still have a significant demand for heat and power for use in showers, air conditioning, heating of sports halls etc; low cost heating systems such as biomass and CHP will therefore often represent a cost-effective solution.

With over 20 years experience as building services and renewable energy engineers, ESP has the knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that will reduce your company’s energy expenditure, improve user comfort and improve your organisation's environmental performance. Our energy efficiency solutions can reduce electrical, heating and cooling requirements, and can also improve reliability and lessen the operation and maintenance burden due to the use of modern and technologically advanced equipment. Our experienced engineers and consultants can offer a range of services, from feasibility studies and opportunities assessments through to detailed design and installation.

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