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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

ESP offers a range of combined heat and power (CHP) services, including initial opportunities assessments, detailed CHP feasibility studies and full system design, as well as turn-key CHP installation and project management services. ESP will also consider payment of ROC's associated with power generation from you combined heat and power plant. Energy savings from CHP are typically around 30%.

Combined Heat and Power, or CHP as it is more commonly referred to, is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power in a single process. The principle of operation is not dissimilar to a power station, but in the case of CHP the heat produced is used in the building and not released wastefully into the atmosphere. Combined heat and power (CHP) offers energy and environmental benefits over electric-only and thermal-only systems, and can deliver substantial financial savings as well as a significant reduction in carbon emissions. ROC's are payable per MW of qualifying generated power with the value of ROC's currently around £50 each.

Benefits of CHP (Combined heat and power) include:

  • Improved fuel efficiency with combined heat and power CHP
  • Qualify for ROC's (Renewable Obligation certificates)
  • Significant financial savings due to higher efficiency of CHP
  • Reduced carbon emissions with CHP
  • Can reduce payments under the Climate Change Levy and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

As CHP relies on overall system efficiency to deliver financial and carbon savings, it is essential that a simultaneous thermal and electrical demand exists. Sites with a significant demand for both electrical and thermal energy, and which are well suited to CHP, include hospitals, universities, swimming pools and leisure centres, industrial sites and large commercial sites. Combined heat and power can also be integrated into large-scale district heating schemes.

CHP technologies are available with outputs ranging from 1kW up to tens of megawatts. Smaller combined heat and power systems with electrical outputs under 50kW are usually classed as Micro-CHP, and more information on these systems can be found here. ESP offers solutions for CHP systems of all sizes, although our primary focus is on micro (under 50kW), small-scale (up to 1MW) and medium-scale (up to 10MW) CHP. Systems in this CHP size range typically use a gas-fired reciprocating engine, which can produce either low temperature hot water, medium temperature hot water or steam depending on the application. Bio-liquid CHP can qualify for double ROC's.

To view projects previously completed CHP projects, please view our combined heat and power case studies.

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