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Air Source Heat Pumps

As mechanical engineers ESP has proven expertise in designing, specifying and installing air source heat pump systems. As for all our products, we offer a range of services relating to air source heat pumps, from initial feasibility studies through to detailed design and installation. Whatever your requirements, you can be confident that our mechanical engineers and electrical engineers will provide a professional and high quality service.

Air source heat pumps are electrically powered appliances consisting of a compressor and two carefully matched heat exchangers designed to provide space and water heating to buildings. The technology inside a heat pump is similar to that in any domestic refrigerator, which uses a vapour compression cycle. They work by extracting low grade heat from the external air and concentrating this into useful heat that can be distributed via a low temperature hot water distribution system. Like biomass systems, heat pumps have been used widely in European countries including France and Sweden for years, and are a well-proven technology.

Heat pumps can deliver financial savings as well as a reduction in carbon emissions relative to conventional heating plants, however to achieve these savings it is essential that heat pump systems are properly designed and installed. With over 15 years building services and menchanical / electrcial engineering experience, ESP is well placed to ensure that all of its designs and installations meet the standards required.

While air source heat pumps are best suited to new build applications where they can be combined with under-floor heating, they can also be retro-fitted if modifications are made to the existing heating distribution system (mechanical engineers).

For more information on heat pumps, please see the Ecodan brochure.

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